Today makes me wonder how UK citizens and residents plan anything. A two year out possibility from a non-binding referendum whose proponents have already started walking it back has everyone panicked. Guess what, two years from now was never guaranteed.

There isn’t even a plan yet. Heck, your PM just dropped the mic and said, “nope.” Now the proponents have to figure out a government before they can even get started. And from what I’ve read they’re trying to make someone else do the deed while they refute their promises.

No one has closed a border or stated a zero visa policy. Worst case you may have to get a visa like a lot of us and make choices. Welcome to adulthood. Maybe the EU did hurt the UK, by coddling it.

Additionally, if you’re upset at “losing” your country to bigots and xenophobia, I feel your pain. coughTrumpcough Move like I did or accept your minority status. Your moral views don’t make you anymore superior than theirs make them.

And, to reiterate, there are these things called visas. You can get one. It might mean you have to get a job and/or prove you won’t be a public burden. Good. If you’re failing at home why do you have the right to fail abroad? If you can succeed abroad and not at home, no one is stopping you.

And don’t get me started on the Pound. It’s only barely setting a 1 year low after the scaredy cats finished their sell off.

If you’re worried, figure out two things:

1) What does this mean to me today? For almost everyone, I think the answer is nothing. Looking at the last 24 hours, British goods and services are running at about a 10% discount. That isn’t motivating to me, because …

2) What does this mean to me long term? Who knows. If you could predict the future you wouldn’t be reading this BS on the internet because you’d own it. Put on your big person pants, buy an index fund, and move on.

Posted from my phone, therefore errors will be blamed on things. Condescension knowingly included as these kinds of things never change minds, so the best you can do is rule up “violent agreement through hair splitting.”