The great Stormy Peters, who is also my boss, told me that she used to publish a weekly round up of what she did. People who didn’t work directly with her didn’t know what she actually worked on until it became finalized and published. I think the same can be said for my role as Fedora Community Action and Impact Coordinate (FCAIC / F-CAKE), so I’ve decided to steal a page from her playbook.

My goal is to try to fill you in on some1 of the things that I’ve been working on this week. If you find this informative, useful, or entertaining2 please let me know so I can keep it going.

These updates will take the form of between one and three different sections:

  • slice of cake is what I’ve been working on as the FCAIC. This isn’t intended to be a laundry list of things I did therefore I won’t be including the long list of meetings that I attend on a weekly basis.
  • a la mode is an occasional bit of ice cream3 to go with the cake. The ice cream here is some of the hopefully cool stuff I’ve been working on in my “normal” life as a person and contributor.
  • cake around the world occurs only when I have significant travel plans. If you want to meet up in real life, this is the section you’ll want to focus on. I’ll try to repeat this section for all weeks where it is valid.

Without further ado ..

A slice of cake

  • Worked with the Flock Committee to select a Flock bid. I hope to see all of you in Cape Cod!
  • Finalized the logistics for the upcoming Council FAD. The Fedora Council will meet in Grand Rapids, MI in late March.
  • Had a conversation about APAC from the perspective of an Open Source community relations specialist. This could help me work better with the Japan and China Fedora communities as we move toward the Open Source Summit in Tokyo and the LinuxCon in Beijing.
  • Experimented with an idea for making travel by Fedora contributors easy. More details to come if this experiment is a success.

A la Mode

  • I’ve begun drafting an article series about data backup. I need to get my own “backup house” in order, so I thought writing out my thoughts of how to segment my data and safely and cheaply preserve it might be helpful to someone. Does anyone want to proofread this?
  • Got my US taxes 95% done and my CZ taxes organized for the accountant. (I know no one is interested, but you take wins where you can get them :) ).

Cake Around the World

  • 19-25 March: I’ll be traveling to Boston, MA for a staff meeting. If you’re around, ping me.
  1. This list is not exhaustive and doesn’t pretend to be. 

  2. Or you just want to make me write something extra every week or two … 

  3. While I am sure my friend Jean-Pierre will correct my spelling and definition, “a la mode” means “with ice cream.” Or, at least it does in America when used with desserts. Ham a la mode is a scary scary thought.