Better late cake than no cake!

A slice of cake

This week as FCAIC I:

  • Lots of work toward the new Fedora Budget website. I need to still send some emails to the fedora-website group, but we are doing budget-level internal reviews. Want to see a sneak peek, visit here. And, yes, I know there are some CSS issues. Want to help out?
  • Preparing for my US trip (see below) which involved lots of triaging.

A la Mode

I also made some personal progress doing:

  • Submitted CZ taxes to my preparer (no this never gets old).
  • I’ve been doing even more thinking about data security and backup as I prepared my electronics for travel. This series I want to write is getting longer.

Cake Around the World

I’ll be traveling:

  • 19-25 March: I’ll be traveling to Boston, MA for a staff meeting. If you’re around, ping me.