A day late because of holidays celebrated locally.

A slice of cake

Last week as FCAIC I:

  • Read the great conversation going on around the proposed new Fedora Mission statement. Taken in context with our Foundations, I believe this mission will let us focus on building a platform for amazing things!
  • Continued to watch the Flock hotel contract work its way to completion. Soon my pretty!
  • OMG the paperwork and administrivia.

A la Mode

I also made some personal progress doing:

  • Submitted a patch to po4a to allow for key-value paragraphs to go through the text filter without getting munged.
  • I finished the monstrous task of washing, air drying, ironing, and replacing a couch cover along with all of the matching cushion covers. Ikea - you really can take it apart and spend a lot of your time futzing with it. As the Polish say, Masakra.

Cake Around the World

I’ll be traveling to:

  • Back to Beantown (Boston, MA USA) for Red Hat Summit from 2-5 May. If you’re in the neighborhood, you know the deal.
  • Community Leadership Summit in Austin, TX from 6-7 May and OSCON is also in Austin, TX from 8-12 May. I may have to leave on 12 May early for …
  • OSCAL in Tirana, Albania from 13-14 has accepted a talk proposal from me (eep!) so definitely come and give me some audience love.