A slice of cake

In the last bunch of weeks as FCAIC I1:

  • Failed to post my slice of cake on 21 August 2017. If I had, it would have mentioned that I:
    • fought with a printer … and mostly lost :(
    • worked hard on the final Flock tasks including booklet printing, last minute supplies and badge labels (see printer fight above).
    • was excited and surprised by the rapid launch of the all new docs.fedoraproject.org. A blog post explaining the changes is coming soon2.
  • Attended Flock. Overall I think the conference was a success and I am excited by all of the session and general feedback people have been posting. I know that the council has a lot to think about as we work on next year.
  • Attended a bunch of meetings in Raleigh in Red Hat Tower.

À la mode

  • Was actually in the US on Labor Day for the first time in a long time. It’s still weird to work US holidays.
  • Was the emcee at Write The Docs in Prague, Czech Republic. Two days of talks and all of them introduced by me :).

Cake Around the World

I’ll be traveling some and hope you’ll ping me for coffee if you’re nearby.

  • Personal travel with limited Internet 29 September - 14 October
  • Latinoware, Foz de Iguacu, Brazil, 18 - 20 October
  • BuildStuff.lt, Vilnius, Lithuania, 15 - 17 November
  1. Holy moly it has been a while since I served up some cake! 

  2. For some definitions of soon.