A slice of cake

Last week as the FCAIC I:

  • Lamented the fact that I hadn’t written an update since September 2017. Ok, I didn’t really do that last week, I’ve been feeling bad about it for much longer than that.
  • Did a bit of finance work including chasing down a missing airfare receipt. The world needs a better way of funneling receipts to systems that doesn’t involve my email and cut/paste.
  • Taking guidance from Matthew Miller I went through all email older than 90 days and still in an inbox. I deleted most of it. Hooray me?
  • I also spent a lot of time just powering through email. I got to less than 85 in three inboxes … now if I could just turn off the inbound flow :D

À la mode

  • According to Duolingo I am now 18% fluent in Polish. I never knew that 18% could also mean 0% :(. It is hard but surmountable.
  • In other Polish language news, look up the rules for declining nouns acting as direct objects in negated verb sentences. OMG!

Cake Around the World

I’ll be traveling some and hope you’ll ping me for coffee if you’re nearby.

  • DevConf.cz, Brno, Czech Republic - 27-28 January
  • Fedora CommOps FAD, Brno, Czech Republic - 29 January - 1 February
  • Grimoire/CHAOSS Con, Brussels, Belgium - 2 February
  • FOSDEM, Brussels, Belgium - 3-4 February

Note: This was posted early as I will have limited internet access from 6-9 January