A slice of cake

Cake BadgeLast week as the FCAIC I … ok, let’s get real. I haven’t written since February. Thanks to the amazing team of Community Leaders and pushed on by Stormy Peters, I bring you this out of sync, return to the cake updates.

  • Processed the last of the 45 funding requests received for Flock. This resulted in 28 hotel room bookings (most shared) and 33 plane tickets being booked centrally. Train tickets will come in later via reimbursements. The plane tickets were booked by an agent in all but 3 cases and the hotels were managed by me directly with the property. I’ve got a note to do a follow up post on this process so you can consider it for your next meeting.
  • The Flock team met to validate that we were still on track (we are!) including our evening activity (and associated transportation) and evening meal (and associated transportation). I need to kick the CfP to schedule party off ASAP!
  • Handed off design requests to the Fedora Design team for t-shirts, badges (real and virtual), etc.. They are an amazing group of people who have already met most of the needs and are grinding through the last of these late requests.
  • Received a ton of audio equipment that we will be using at Flock. Paul Frields (stickster) was kind enough to spec out the equipment and Matej Hursovsky is going to verify functionality and run it for us.
  • The Fedora Council is now reviewing the first draft of the proposed Code of Conduct and Response Guide for Fedora. This task was given to Marina Zhurakhinskaya (marinaz) at Flock in 2017. This is a long process and there is a lot of material to process on advances in this area. Our new Program Manager, Ben Cotton (bcotton) has drawn up a draft timeline that is being finalized. The general theory is that we need to finish it and collect Council input, then send it for legal review. After that we will open it up to the whole community for review and input. Then we will decide how to proceed with adoption.
  • Docs is proceeding at a wonderful pace. Adam Samalik (asamalik) is driving the adoption of Antora and Petr Bokoc is driving content. I am happy to be transitioning my docs responsibilities to this great team as the community rebounds in this area. My last big goal is to re-enable localization of documentation.
  • Related to docs, I organized a Friday hackfest for Antora that occurs every Friday here in Brno. We’ve not had many remotees wanting to join us, so it has morphed into the Friday Breakfast Club followed by a hack. If you’re ever in Brno, whether you want to hack or not, ping me about joining the Friday Breakfast Club.
  • Mindshare still needs to get the final processes written for the new lighter event workflow. APAC has graciously offered to let their tickets be the testing ground for getting things through the system. I’ve missed a bunch of meetings because they have fallen on “Brian in a plane” days, so I am looking forward to re-engaging with folks soon.
  • Attended several conferences, which I hope to write about in the near future.

and … drumroll please

  • Celebrated the launch of the amazing incredible and fantastic community suggested It’s a Cake Thing badge. The badge, most recently awarded two nights ago is earned by anyone who has a conversation with the FCAIC and eats or drinks anything! The badge can be earned virtually, but, not retroactively. The goal behind the badge is to foster better communication and to encourage folks to look for connections across our project. I am sure badge originators, Jona, Sachin, and Justin might tell a slightly different story about an actually piece of cake though …

À la mode

  • Actually had a bit of vacation and got myself sunburned (not horribly, but badly) in Mallorca. I strongly recommend it for everything but baking and roasting :D.

Cake Around the World

I’ll be traveling some and hope you’ll ping me for coffee if you’re nearby. If your considering attending and want to collaborate on a talk, let’s … talk :).

  • Flock from 8-11 August in Dresden, Germany
  • DevConf.us from 17-19 August in Boston, MA, USA
  • Open Source Summit Europe (OSS Europe) from 22-24 October in Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Note: My attendance at a few of the events is still tenative, but I expect most will happen.