A slice of cake

Cake BadgeLast week as the FCAIC I:

  • Handed off the driving work behind the migration of Fedora Docs to Antora to Adam Samalik. I am super excited to be helping on this project and no longer trying to lead it (and becoming a blocker/cookie licker). He has a plan in place to be live by 1 August, 2018 which is way sooner than I could have gotten there. This is gonna be awesome. If you’re a docs contributor or a provider of docs published on the docs site, look for his email coming soon. I plan to continue to help drive the localization effort until it is at a place where I can hand that off too.
  • Lots of Flock things got done:
    • Flock’s draft schedule has been created and with the CfP committee for review. I hope to publish it next week.
    • Flock funded travel is complete. I realized I haven’t gotten my own transportation to Dresden squared away yet though … doh!
    • Flock’s bill payments are already in full swing. I’ve learned a lot about VAT and we are only getting started.
  • In other docs news, I am in the process of transferring what is left of my content driving docs responsibilities as well. Petr Bokoc and I need to have another conversation to complete the hand off. I have definitely not been able to put the time in on this like I would like, so I am super happy to have Petr stepping up.

À la mode

Cake Around the World

I’ll be traveling some and hope you’ll ping me for coffee if you’re nearby. If your considering attending and want to collaborate on a talk, let’s … talk :).

  • Flock from 8-11 August in Dresden, Germany
  • DevConf.us from 17-19 August in Boston, MA, USA
  • Open Source Summit Europe (OSS Europe) from 22-24 October in Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Note: My attendance at a few of the events is still tentative, but I expect most will happen.