What’s New in Fedora 25 Beta

Presented at FUDCon LATAM 2016, Puno, Peru on 12 October 2016

This repo contains the slides and files used for the talk. The slides are heavily based on the Fedora 25 Beta announcements.

Talk Description

Fedora 25 Beta shipped just before FUDCon LATAM. Let’s talk about what’s new and what to expect as we near the November GA release. Let’s also dig a bit into a few technologies in F25 (and before).

Slides and Source Files

  • slides.revealjs - this used reveal-js which I no longer use. As of 7 May 2020 you can only review the input file.

Speaker Bios

Brian Exelbierd

Brian Exelbierd has over 20 years of experience in IT/IS ranging from programming to team leadership and business roles. He has worked for non-profits, for-profits and government. Brian joined Red Hat in 2014 to work on platform technologies and containers. An active member of Project Atomic, Brian has worked closely on the design and implementation of the Atomic Developer Bundle and has also worked with documentation and related tasks. Brian has a BS in Mathematics Education (concentration Computer Science) from NC State University and an MS in Information Systems and Technology Management from the University of Delaware.

Twitter: @bexelbie