Bringing Developers into the Flock

Presented at Flock 2016, Kraków Poland on 3 August 2016

This repo contains the slides and files used for the talk and demo Dusty Mabe and I presented.

Talk Description

The container “revolution” has resulted in a lot of non-Linux users suddenly very interested in Linux containers. These developers often can’t run containers on their laptops because they are using Windows or OS X or a janky non-Fedora Linux. Therefore there are a lot of virtual machines getting spun up just to run containers. Additionally, many of these developers aren’t thinking about how to work with multiple containers or orchestrate them because it is hard to set everything up. The ADB solves these problems … but … … it could not only solve these problems, but it could solve them with FEDORA! Today there is no Fedora version of the ADB. A Fedora ADB can be faster moving and help developers use the latest code sooner. In this talk learn how to build and improve the ADB so you can use it in your own work and so it can become a tool for expanding the Fedora community. #TheFedoraADB

Slides and Source Files

  • slides.revealjs - this used reveal-js which I no longer use. As of 7 May 2020 you can only review the input file.
  • demo files

Speaker Bios

Brian Exelbierd

Brian Exelbierd has over 13 years of experience in IT/IS ranging from programming to team leadership and business roles. He has worked for non-profits, for-profits and government. Brian joined Red Hat in 2014 to work on platform technologies and containers. An active member of Project Atomic, Brian has worked closely on the design and implementation of the Atomic Developer Bundle and has also worked with documentation and related tasks. Brian has a BS in Mathematics Education (concentration Computer Science) from NC State University and an MS in Information Systems and Technology Management from the University of Delaware.

Twitter: @bexelbie